[clug] ACT Map i and SVG

Edward C. Lang edlang at edlang.org
Tue Sep 13 03:09:00 MDT 2011


On Mon, 2010-09-06 at 18:08 +1000, Brett Worth wrote:
> I'd like to access the ACT Mapping site:
> http://www.actmapi.act.gov.au/
> but it seems they only support IE.  One thing that puzzles me is that when it asks for SVG
> support it directs you to the adobe site for a non-existent plugin.  On the adobe site
> there's a test page to show if your browser supports SVG and according to adobe my firefox
> 3.6.8 does not.

Where are you finding the page that uses SVG? All the map URIs on that
page seem to point to maps that use Microsoft Silverlight...

For example:


Which ACT Government numpty thought Silverlight would be a good, open
standards based idea?

 - Edward.



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