[clug] Fedora 15 boot issue (5 minutes pause)

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Mon Sep 12 04:22:51 MDT 2011

I do have it up and running, and no updates are available.
It is just that booting is difficult (not that I do it too
often though).

I can see that the NetworkManager packages have an issue:

yum says:

Installed Packages
NetworkManager.x86_64                                       1:0.9.0-1.fc15                                          @updates
NetworkManager-glib.x86_64                                  1:0.9.0-1.fc15                                          installed
NetworkManager-gnome.x86_64                                 1:0.9.0-1.fc15                                          @updates
Available Packages
NetworkManager-devel.i686                                   1:0.9.0-1.fc15                                          updates
NetworkManager-devel.x86_64                                 1:0.9.0-1.fc15                                          updates
NetworkManager-glib.i686                                    1:0.9.0-1.fc15                                          updates
NetworkManager-glib-devel.i686                              1:0.9.0-1.fc15                                          updates
NetworkManager-glib-devel.x86_64                            1:0.9.0-1.fc15                                          updates
NetworkManager-openconnect.x86_64                           0.8.999-1.fc15                                          fedora
NetworkManager-openswan.x86_64                              0.8.999-2.git20110721.fc15                              updates
NetworkManager-openvpn.x86_64                               1:0.8.9997-2.git20110721.fc15                           updates
NetworkManager-pptp.x86_64                                  1:0.8.999-2.git20110721.fc15                            updates
NetworkManager-vpnc.x86_64                                  1:0.8.999-3.git20110721.fc15                            updates

but at the same time:

# yum provides '*/init.d/NetworkManager'
1:NetworkManager-0.8.999-2.git20110509.fc15.x86_64 : Network connection manager and user applications
Repo        : fedora
Matched from:
Filename    : /etc/rc.d/init.d/NetworkManager

Now, I do not have init.d/NetworkManager (should I have one?)
and it is not available in the latest packages.


On 09/12/11 20:03, Owen wrote:
>> Having upgraded to F15, I found that the boot process pauses for 5
>> minutes
>> part way through.
>> I traced this to
>> 	nmcli -t --fields running nm status
>> which is used during the part that brings up loopback. It should
>> return
>> "running" or "not running".
>> NetworkManager is *not* up at that time, and it seems that when it
>> comes
>> up it takes a *very* long time to become responsive, so the 'nmcli'
>> hangs.
>> When the boot completes I need to switch to a text console and do
>> 	service network start
>> 	mount ...nfs shares and such...
>> which succeeds without a hitch.
>> I searched for a solution (or even a cause) and did not yet find it.
>> Anyone encountered this? It seems to have been seen in F13 and F14
>> too.
>> Any clue will be appreciated.
>> BTW, The gnome 3 desktop is very different from earlier fedora
>> releases
>> and it took me a while to "adjust" some of it to my comfort level. I
>> am getting there slowly.
> I am pretty sure that this is a recognized nm problem with the F15
> initial distro.
> Get it up and running and do an upgrade.
>   --
> Owen

Eyal Lebedinsky	(eyal at eyal.emu.id.au)

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