[clug] Kubuntu startup

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 23:20:57 MDT 2011

On 10/09/11 11:18, Chris Smart wrote:
> On 09/09/11 19:52, Keith Sayers wrote:
>> 	I do not get a "more info" option - only OK and Cancel.
> Maybe that's an Ubuntu thing, or maybe it's not PolicyKit. This is what
> I see if PolicyKit is asking me for a password:
> https://kororaa.org/files/policykit.png
>> 	But I went to the 'net for information on PolicyKit, may have understood some of
>> what I found and as a result created this file :
>> 10-mount-easton.pkla
>> ----------------------------------
>> [Mount Easton]
>> Identity=unix-user:[keith]
>> Action=org.freedesktop.udisks.filesystem-mount
>> ResultAny=yes
>> ResultInactive=yes
>> ResultActive=yes
> Your username shouldn't be in square brackets there, it should be:
> Identity=unix-user:keith

I missed that!

I wonder if he also needs to be in a (policykit) list of administrators, 
typically beneath:-

(I don't run Kubuntu so I'm basing that on Squeeze, knowing that there 
will be some differences).

> Other than that it looks fine, so long as it's the correct PolicyKit
> action. For example, it could be:
> org.freedesktop.udisks.filesystem-mount-system-internal

Typically, system internal devices include non-removable internal hard 
disks and other drives that are not easily added/removed by a local 
console user. The heuristic typically used is that only devices on 
removable media and devices connected via Firewire, USB, eSATA and SDIO 
are considered external.

<snipped - not that I disagree>

I strongly suspect the SOLID settings are borked (hal) or that it's an 
admin problem (new sudo rules from Sid)
There is also a known problem with K/Ubuntu when autologin is used.

Lack of polkit-config-file-validate and polkit-auth commands, and no 
PolicyKit.conf file make things more difficult.

Re: your log suggestion:-
There's six error codes for mounting external drives - they should be 
logged to /var/log/auth.log

Just out of curiosity (Keith) what features do you need in Sid/Kubuntu 
that aren't available in Squeeze/Stable??


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