[clug] Why does my motherboard hate me?

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Sun Sep 4 21:32:12 MDT 2011

On 9/5/11 1:09 PM, Francis James Whittle wrote:
> Not saying I'll have anything intelligent to say (only times my UD2H has
> given me grief have likely been caused by operator error when trying to
> flash Coreboot to the BIOS - which I still never managed yet), but:
> - Are you using integrated video?
> - Have you tried 2+2+2 and 2+2+1+1 configurations?
> Initially, I'd suspect damage to and/or dust in one of the white memory
> slots....

Hmmmm. Dust is an interesting idea. Those slots were unused, and the 
machine was in a construction site for a bit. I'll try some compressed air.


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