[clug] Oceania Women of Open Tech launches

lanabrindley at gmail.com lanabrindley at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 20:25:30 MDT 2011

Oceania Women of Open Tech (OWOOT) is a new group for women in open technology
in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. It has recently formed from
the local chapters of LinuxChix, but with a wider scope focussing on open
technology generally.

OWOOT welcomes all women interested in open technology, including open source,
open hardware, open data and free culture. OWOOT activities will include:
 - the Haecksen miniconference at linux.conf.au, and meetups and events at
   other conferences
 - periodic local social events
 - email and IRC forums where you can meet other women from the area who work
   with, build or use open technology

OWOOT forums are open to men to join if they wish, as long as they keep in mind
that the purpose of the group is supporting women in open tech and allowing
them to meet each other.

Find out more about OWOOT at our website: http://owoot.org/
Join the OWOOT email list and chat channel: http://owoot.org/Join

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