[clug] [W.OT] that's not a quad-copter, *this* is one!

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Sun May 29 17:59:51 MDT 2011

On 29/05/11 20:49, steve jenkin wrote:
> If you thought that was "out there", try this one :-)
> Google for "FlyNano Electric Microlight"
> supposedly 3 variants.
> 20kW electric vrs: 40km distance. 70kg dry weight. 70kph - 140kph.
> takes off&  lands on water.
> Lots of Carbon Fibre.
> [70kg is special. no license or certification, or so they say.]
> And a steal at £25000. (~US$40k)
> "shipping in 3 months" (15-apr-2011).
> Plenty of press releases, a many variants of an illustration. No photos.
> <http://www.flynano.com/>
> Testing Pix. No proof of flight.
> <http://www.flynano.com/galleria/testweek1.html>

This thing look scary. I anticipate a Jack Newton-esque accident in it's
future... (just don't wave at the pilot when the engine is on...)

Bob Edwards.

> [With the resources and interest of the ANU PhD programs, will we have a
> better one built here in town? :-)]

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