[clug] May Canberra Linux Users Group meeting

Angus Gratton gus at projectgus.com
Thu May 26 07:32:59 MDT 2011

Hi everyone,

On behalf of MHV I'd like to thank all the CLUGgers who came out
tonight. It was great to see so many interested new faces in the

You are, of course, all very welcome back. The next Maker Meetup is
this Tuesday evening from 6:30pm[1], all welcome (no cost.) Maker
Meetups are a lot more casual than the presentations we had tonight,
and people show up with some really interesting things.

We also have the Makers mailing list[2] and an IRC channel to keep in
touch, not to mention newfangled "social media" whatsits like Twitter and

Also, an extra big thanks to all the people who helped open & close
our roller door over the course of the evening. :)



[1] http://www.makehackvoid.com/news/maker-meetup-52

[2] http://www.makehackvoid.com/mailman/listinfo/makers

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