[clug] Apple TV 2G mythTV frontend

Stephen Gibson Stephen.Gibson at anu.edu.au
Wed May 25 22:23:43 MDT 2011

I have recently build a HTPC, which runs mythbuntu. Details of
the build will follow (Bob ;-) ) when I have some free time.  

My only disappointment is the fan noise. Although the HTPC is relatively 
quiet, with the 120mm fan PSU, it is still noticeable, probably
because of the stock intel CPU fan.

Rather, than spend additional $ on a better fan for the CPU, I decided to 
use the system as a back end and test out the ATV2 as a front end. 

ATV2 seems to do a pretty good job as a front end running XMBC, even running
on a g-wireless network (provided the HTPC box is cabled). For recorded 
programs. I haven't yet proven the live stream. This may need to wait for 
a n-wireless network or a test with a CAT5 cable.

The major downside with the ATV2 is the video is only displayed as 720p
(not 1080p).  The other minor downside is that the Apple remote lacks buttons.

There is also a possibility that my TV will receive UPnP directly from the 
back end. Although, the web indicates that this may not work for video files. 
I need the cable for that test too.


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