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My employer, Unisys Australia, is seeking a Senior Linux Engineer to
join our Secure Gateway Services team based in Belconnen, Canberra
to look after our Red Hat servers with the gateway (and more!).

   Location: Belconnen, Canberra, Australia
   Type: Full-time
   Experience: Mid-Senior level
   Compensation: 100,000 - 110,000 AUD per year plus superannuation
   AGSVA Security Clearance: obtain and maintain PROTECTED

The main responsibilities and skills for the role are:

   * Excellent written and spoken communication skills
   * Self-starter to take-on and complete complex tasks
   * Red Hat Enterprise Linux skills (RHCE desirable)
   * Excellent testing, troubleshooting, debugging, and analysis skills
   * Experience and understanding of security best practices and theory
   * Obsessive-compulsive attention to detail

Our team is highly respected by our large government department client
for both its technical performance and its easy going yet professional

This position entails considerable responsibility yet the successful
candidate will be given the necessary power to improve the environment
and make their own job easier.

As this is within a gateway, the position also offers the chance for
experience with firewalls, switches, routers, load balancers, intrusion
prevention/detection systems, web proxies, email and so on.

Please direct enquires to me on my mobile 0411 262 316 or send your
resume and application to me at suter at zwitterion.humbug.org.au.

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