[clug] Android Handset

Conrad Canterford conrad at watersprite.com.au
Thu May 19 01:46:38 MDT 2011

I recently bought a Huawei Ideos X5 from Dick Smiths. $350 simless and unlocked. I'm reasonably impressed with it, overall. Well featured, awesome screen resolution. For that price, I bought it with the expectation it would fail in 12 - 18 months, but it seems solidly enough built that I hope to be pleasantly surprised on that score. 6 weeks is a bit early to judge though.
I don't attend CLUG, so its unlikely I'll be anywhere to give you a play with it, unfortunately.


Hal Ashburner <hal at ashburner.info> wrote:

>Anyone have any advice about the cheaper end of the market for Android 
>Granted it's not going to be an iPhone 7GTS turbo, or indeed even much 
>like my pleasant, but stolen, N900. But a usable phone with a functional 
>web browser and a battery that lasts at least a day.
>I notice Deal Extreme have a plethora of cheap droid phones. Anyone know 
>more or where to find out more.
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