[clug] Optus MyTab and Android 2.2

Paul Warren paul.warren at anu.edu.au
Thu May 12 18:43:17 MDT 2011

On 12/05/2011 7:20 PM, Mike Carden wrote:
>> I got the magic SMS from Optus letting me know that the 2.2 upgrade
>> was finally available.
> Any day now I will get the message from '3' to say that they are
> making available an upgrade from 1.5 for my HTC Magic.
> Waiting...

Seriously? Even Vodafone had 1.6 out after 18 months :)

Considered going to Cyanogenmod?  It's been working smoothly on my 
Vodafone magic for over a year now, from version 4 (android 1.6), and 
now version 6.1 (Android 2.2), which will be the last for the magic.

read up a bit before attempting, tho, and save your SMS's with SMSBackup 
or similar, and make sure your MMS photos/audio/movies etc are saved 
onto your SD card or similar, that got me when I first loaded up, lost 
~6months of SMS and MMS photos.


Paul Warren.

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