[clug] Problems with Asus machines and my new trendnet switch (linux Digest, Vol 101, Issue somethingorother, message blah)

Miles Goodhew mgoodhew at gmail.com
Thu May 12 18:27:36 MDT 2011

  Sorry, I'm coming to the party late as usual, but I thought I might
be able to toss a cookie in about the testing aspect for this.
  Using ethtool in various forced configurations (autoneg=off,
duplex=(full|half),speed=(10|100|1000)). It can then tell you whether
it detects a link too.
  As an anecdote, I have a Fritz!Box DSL modem with a supposedly
gigabit switch integrated. If I plug this into my original McBook
(Alsp gigabit) with a 4-pair cable of indeterminate quality, the
McBook always autonegotiates down to 10m/half (communications limbo).
I can manually force it to be 100m/full and comms work, but no gigabit
modes work.

Hope that helps,


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