[clug] OT: Help with finding why Google CHROME and Apply Safari Fail displaying My WEB Pages Properly

ad.muir at scorpius.selfip.net ad.muir at scorpius.selfip.net
Thu May 12 17:56:05 MDT 2011


I have "Inherited" the ongoing "Doctoring" of my brothers WEB site, it runs using IIS on a Windows Server Platform, (YES, Well Off Topic I know)

The scripts that live behind the WEB pages work fine when using Internet Explorer, Firefox, OPERA and a number of other WEB Browsers, but fails reliably with Apply Safari and Google CHROME.

I would appreciate a little help in trying to find the cause of these failures, I'm outside my comfort zone already with this.

Take a look at the WEB site if you have some spare time and access to Safari or CHROME compared to Firefox etc.


Any and All Suggestions and Offers warmly accepted.


Alan Muir.

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