[clug] Problems with Asus machines and my new trendnet switch

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed May 11 23:21:01 MDT 2011


I recently picked up a trendnet 24 port unmanaged gigabit switch for at 
home (fanless, and less than $150!). Its awesome, except that it doesn't 
work with either of my Asus machines. Everything else works fine.

Those machines are an eeepc 701, and a eeebox b202. Picking on the 
eeebox first, it simply doesn't detect link when plugged into the 
switch. It works fine on a 100mbit switch.

The switch supports 100mbit as well, and the machine claims it supports 
gigabit with its jmicron jm250 ethernet chipset.

Has anyone else seen problems like this before? What debugging 
information can I provide to be helpful? ethtool and mii-tool doesn't 
seem to show anything useful.


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