[clug] Microsoft + Skype

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Tue May 10 18:53:09 MDT 2011

May come down to how close Skype is to M$ after this take over. If they 
are kept legally distant the ruling is less likely to apply.


On 11/05/11 10:50 AM, Jason wrote:
> Was just reading the news about Microsoft buying Skype, and I 
> remembered something Tridge said a long time ago about Microsoft 
> having to provide documentation for all of their network protocols due 
> to EU antitrust stuff. Was that correct? Does it apply to Skypes 
> protocols? Will this enable better skype clients in Linux? (as far as 
> I know only the official client can talk the protocol not things like 
> Pidgin and Empathy).
> Jason

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