[clug] Modern laptops, nVidia, Optimus and Linux

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Wed May 4 18:54:31 MDT 2011

On 05/05/11 10:20, Kevin Pulo wrote:

> I'd love to have a bit more screen real-estate, and so I'm wondering
> if there are any laptops that can drive 2 external screens (preferably
> both at 1920x1200) *as* *well* *as* the laptop's internal screen.  The
> laptop screen could be at a smaller size and/or lower resolution,
> since it would probably be just for my mail window and other bits and
> pieces.  But it would be great if it wasn't too low res, for those
> times when the laptop is used on its own (however, a small screen
> size, meaning a smaller/lighter laptop overall, would be good).
> Does anyone know if such a thing exists?
> Kev

I can't imagine that there would be much demand for such a beast, so I
would be quite surprised to see one available as a commodity item.

Depending upon what you want to do with the "other" external monitor,
you may be able to use a USB-video adaptor (essentially an external
frame-buffer connected via USB). You won't get 3D or full-frame video
performance, but it should work fine with X and do all the usual
standard stuff ("my mail window and other bits and pieces...").
Whether there is a Full HD version available, I am not sure.

Otherwise, X is a network-extensible windowing protocol, so you could
have another laptop (or desktop) hooked up to your "other" external
monitor and use X (or VNC etc.) to display your windows to it. Again,
performance is not going to allow you to play first-person shooter
games etc. to it.


Bob Edwards.

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