[clug] Modern laptops, nVidia, Optimus and Linux

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Wed May 4 16:17:45 MDT 2011

Michael Manning <michael at michaelmanning.org> wrote:
> Once disabled you can run the standard nVidia drivers under Linux and get
> the full 3D bling and performance out of the card. You obviously don't get
> the benefit of the dynamic power saving but you at least get to use the card
> which you paid for.

I don't care much about power saving, my laptops usually only move from
power point to power point within the house.

> Not sure if a manufacturer/reseller will be able to reliably confirm that
> this type of BIOS option is available or not before purchase unless you can
> get an in store hands on yourself?

I've asked Dell and one other vendor, no luck so far. Dell's best effort
was one with RedHat pre-installed, but it was too expensive, underpowered,
and had a small, low-res screen. I'm not sure why it was so expensive,
it didn't seem to have any redeeming features.
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