[clug] Run memtest86 on all new RAM!

Rodney Peters rodneyp at pcug.org.au
Mon May 2 06:20:25 MDT 2011

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> Subject: [clug] Run memtest86 on all new RAM!
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> Just found that a stick of RAM I installed 2 months ago is faulty.
> The supplier is dispatching a replacement by courier
>  so I've no complaints about the warrantee.
> But running with it has left me with a corrupted HFS+ filesystem.
> I think I've got all the files off safely, reformatted and re-
> etc. so I survived, but hassle, worry and time wasted.
> I'm drawing 2 lessons from this:
>   1)    Backup, always have a backup!
>   2)    Run at least 1 cycle of memtest86 against all new RAM
>          on insertion and again after a week of use.
>   I'm also wondering if modern machines with many Gig need ECC ram?
perhaps, but also worth scouring the mainboard manual for any not 
prominently documented restrictions on RAM speed when full complement 
of DIMM modules or GB is installed.

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