[clug] Run memtest86 on all new RAM!

Michael James clug3 at james.st
Sun May 1 21:34:17 MDT 2011

Just found that a stick of RAM I installed 2 months ago is faulty.

The supplier is dispatching a replacement by courier
 so I've no complaints about the warrantee.

But running with it has left me with a corrupted HFS+ filesystem.

I think I've got all the files off safely, reformatted and re-installed etc.
 so I survived, but hassle, worry and time wasted.

I'm drawing 2 lessons from this:

  1)	Backup, always have a backup!

  2)	Run at least 1 cycle of memtest86 against all new RAM
	 on insertion and again after a week of use.

  I'm also wondering if modern machines with many Gig need ECC ram?

	  There is no Perl one-liner
 that a page of java can't do more correctly

  Michael James		clug3 at james.st

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