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Thu Mar 31 17:02:43 MDT 2011

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> Hey folks,
> are you having any public days in the forseeable future? Something for
> Software Freedom Day?
> The Aussie openSUSE Ambassador is placing an order for some openSUSE
> 11.4 promotional DVDs, so I can ask for the CLUG to have some if
> needed. With costs of postage and handling the bulk order is the way
> to go. They also try to include some posters and promotional items if
> there's room.
> We're trying to get a bit of an openSUSE group going here in Oz so if
> you have any keen openSUSE users who'd like to keep in touch, do drop
> me a line.
> cheers
> Helen

11.4 was released about 10 March and is current for eight months until about 
10 November.   It should not be a major issue for someone who became 
acquainted with 11.4 to upgrade to 11.5.a few months later - the upgrade 
process in openSUSE is reliable and fairly transparent.

As I understand it, the openSUSE project dispatch a minimum of 100 promotional 
DVD, for ecomomy of shipping.

I co-ordinate a linux beginners' group here in Canberra and openSUSE is our 
second most popular distro.  I would be prepared to have a few of the 
promotional DVD for that group and anticipate that a few members would 
participate in an Oz openSUSE group.


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