[clug] Linux VPS hosting recommendation

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Fri Mar 25 22:58:40 MDT 2011

Have you looked http://www.webfaction.com/ ? These guys aren't a full 
VPS, but you get most of the functionality of one. I'm guessing it's 
some form of OS-level virtualisation as opposed to a hyper visor. 
(haven't had chance to look closer at it). Looks to be a lot cheaper. 
Not sure of what the trade off would be. The first question is do you 
need a full VPS? Only you can answer that. I'm not in favour  of share 
hosting arrangement as you always seem to be paying the price of others 
mistakes and stupidity. The trouble is VPSes are much more expensive in 
comparison. This may represent the middle ground with costs similar to 
common hosting and functionality closer to VPSes.

If people are commenting on VPS I'd like to widen the scope to include 
experience with service similar to web faction.


Anshul Gupta wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am looking for a Linux VPS hosting provider and I am just wondering if people have any recommendation and/or any disaster story. 
> What is your experience with the provider you recommend or hate in the following areas:
> 1. Performance - ratio of VMs, steal time etc
> 2. Latency - Australian (~50ms - local peering arrangement, muti-homed etc) vs US (~250ms?)
> 3. Availability - downtime scheduled and unscheduled 
> 4. Usability - bundled tools, cpanel, restrictions etc
> 5. Access - full root access, firewall etc
> 6. Features - Any other feature / functionality
> Thanks, 
> Anshul

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