[clug] new to Canberra, not quite so new to Linux/Unix

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Mar 21 01:16:17 MDT 2011

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On 03/19/2011 04:26 PM, Ed Love wrote:
> G'day all, it's great to find this group! I'm an old time Unix hacker from
> the mid 80s. It sure is nice to have it on my phone these days!
> What's the best way to find work here? Contracting would be ideal. I've not
> lived in Canberra for a decade or so, and I'm sure things have changed a
> lot.
> I've emailed the usual agents, had a look around seek, so now I'm after
> insider tips :)

I don't know of any 'insider tips' other than emailing people who you'd like
to work with or for and asking if they have any jobs going.  The intersection
of the set of cool people to work with and the set of CLUG attendees is pretty
high (IMO), although the intersection with the set of employers is much
lower... :-)

Come along to a CLUG meeting anyway and see who you meet.

Have fun,

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