[clug] Advice request on upgrade to Debian Squeeze - local mirrors?

Hal Ashburner hal at ashburner.info
Fri Mar 18 06:16:27 MDT 2011

Hi Felix,
Yeah you did sell us a bit of a dummy there.
Ok this is actually the thing you want.


Good luck

On 18/Mar/11 11:01 PM, Felix Karpfen wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Mar 2011 17:42:54 +1100, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> Amongst other methods - just do a **basic install** (you don't say what
> the
>> intended purpose of the build is)
>> Presuming you wish only a desktop machine - and your choice of desktop
>> is kde:-
>> Boot from the first DVD (suggest you set BIOS to boot from your hard
>> drive first, use F8 or whatever to temporarily select the DVD as the
>> boot).
> After reading all the helpful advice that has been offered, I fear that
> there has been a major communication failure.
> The feature that made Debian my preferred OS is that "installing a newly-
> released version" and "upgrading an existing installed version to convert
> it to the newly-released version" are two totally different animals that
> have little in common.
> Full instructions for both routines are always present on the first disk
> (CD or DVD).  The (English) "install" routine - called "Debian GNU/Linux
> Installation Guide" can be found in "/doc/manual/en"; the (English)
> upgrade routine is described in "/doc/release-notes/en.
> The end-result of the two strategies will ultimately to be the same; but
> the time taken to get to that point is very different on any system that
> deviates from the suggested "default preferences".
> My system is *very* lean and deviates markedly from the defaults supplied
> by a "clean install"; e.g.
> - I have dispensed with "Open Office" and "samba" (red-face; shame!);
> - I have only a minimal install of "Gnome" and "KDE" (because I sometimes
>    use some of their packages);
> - my "Windows Manager" is JWM; I never use either Gnome or KDE;
> - etc, etc.
> It would take a lot of personal input to start with a clean "new install"
> and get back to my preferred packages/configurations; the upgrade routine
> - as described in the "release notes" - makes this input unnecessary.
> I know that there are Linux gurus who use a CD/DVD to do a minimal
> upgrade and then use the Internet to finish the upgrade.  But this does
> not appear a favoured approach with the CLUG members who read my query.
> My alternative - load all 8 Squeeze DVDs - is quite straight-forward and
> I do not think that my attempts at parsimony merit any further attention.
> Felix

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