[clug] [OT] Random thought: Are there 'magsafe' style connectors for USB?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Mar 9 05:51:39 MST 2011

I forget things or jump up "for just a second" and don't come back for
ages, much more than I'd like - hence the idea :-)

Uses: Home computer and $Work workstation. Different keys, though.

Alex Satrapa wrote on 9/03/11 9:38 AM:
> How often do you walk away from your desk and not take your phone
> with you? Would a USB connection to your smartphone be enough to
> carry your keys around with you, and not be forgotten?
> Where are you going to be using this thing that you'd want to make
> sure it came with you, but you would be coming back to use the
> proposed magnetic coupling again?
> Alex

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