[clug] ADSL router recommendations?

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Mon Mar 7 18:48:46 MST 2011

My ADSL  router at home committed hara kiri a couple of weeks ago and 
I've been running on my cold spare since. Let's just say it can't seem 
to do more than one thing at a time and I'm looking to find a better 
router to be main gateway. Looking around the market place seems to be 
aimed squarely at the low end and the marketing departments seem to have 
run a muck with the manufactures websites making it hard to narrow down 
the field effectively. Confusion seems to be the marketing method of choice.

Anyway, what I'm aiming for is an ADSL 2+ router with

IPv6 (we're getting it this time round aren't we?)
Qos with priority queuing

reverse NAT
Stateful packet inspection firewall

4 ethernet ports preferably 1Gpbs

SNMP management for monitoring
web interface for management
ssh cli interface for monitoring (nice to have not a must have)
upgradable firmware
Reliable!  Shouldn't need to be said.

That's the main requirements there's a few other that should be 
standard.  Anyone found any good routers out there that fit this 


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