[clug] Console Server recommendations?

Nathan O'Sullivan nathan at mammoth.com.au
Mon Mar 7 14:11:53 MST 2011

On 07/03/11 19:46, jm wrote:
>  if your able to define the problem a little more we might be able to 
> give some recommendations. I'd also be interested in hearing about 
> other brands out there.

We have two racks in a commercial datacentre stuffed with servers, 
switches, firewalls, routers, etc. We normally access a management VLAN 
via VPN, and configure the devices over IP.

However we recently had a misconfiguration incident that left the 
network inaccessible, so what I'm looking for is a backup method to 
access that hardware remotely that is not dependent on the network; the 
obvious (only?) answer being to hook up the serial port interface on all 
our hardware.

We can get a phone line installed, so the plan at the moment is to run 
an ADSL modem into a Opengear device.


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