[clug] a New Kororaa

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Mar 3 18:26:36 MST 2011

Just a "heads-up" on an article in todays iTWire about the new Kororaa:


(apologies if this URL wraps on your e-mail reader - I hate using tiny

Article even includes a pic. of the handsome dude himself...


Bob Edwards.

On 03/03/11 11:35, Robert Edwards wrote:
> A certain Christopher Smart baled me up yesterday and insisted that I
> try out the new Kororaa... (just released the day before).
> "What?", says I, "I thought that Kororaa had been put to sleep years
> ago..."
> "Ahh, that was the old Kororaa" (or words to that effect). The new one
> is called Fedora Remix.
> Why Fedora? https://kororaa.org/why-fedora/
> (old Kororaa was based on Gentoo Linux. I blame the demise of Gentoo
> on the demise of Kororaa... I don't think Fedora is in such a
> precarious state, though...).
> So, I downloaded the live DVD image of Kororaa 14 (Nemo) Beta3 (Gnome
> version) from https://kororaa.org/download/ (nice graphics, by the way).
> I went with Gnome as it is 200MB smaller than the KDE version and that
> saved me at least 20 seconds in download time! Then I copied it to a
> USB Flash drive I had sitting on my desk - 30 minutes later... (slow USB
> Flash drive...).
> Well, it all booted up and works and looks pretty slick. Chris has
> included a bunch of stuff pre-configured from Fedora.
> Give it a try sometime. If you don't want to download the 1.4GB image,
> send me an e-mail and you can borrow my USB stick.
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.

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