[clug] a New Kororaa

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Wed Mar 2 17:35:40 MST 2011

A certain Christopher Smart baled me up yesterday and insisted that I
try out the new Kororaa... (just released the day before).

"What?", says I, "I thought that Kororaa had been put to sleep years

"Ahh, that was the old Kororaa" (or words to that effect). The new one
is called Fedora Remix.

Why Fedora? https://kororaa.org/why-fedora/

(old Kororaa was based on Gentoo Linux. I blame the demise of Gentoo
on the demise of Kororaa... I don't think Fedora is in such a
precarious state, though...).

So, I downloaded the live DVD image of Kororaa 14 (Nemo) Beta3 (Gnome
version) from https://kororaa.org/download/ (nice graphics, by the way).
I went with Gnome as it is 200MB smaller than the KDE version and that
saved me at least 20 seconds in download time! Then I copied it to a
USB Flash drive I had sitting on my desk - 30 minutes later... (slow USB
Flash drive...).

Well, it all booted up and works and looks pretty slick. Chris has
included a bunch of stuff pre-configured from Fedora.

Give it a try sometime. If you don't want to download the 1.4GB image,
send me an e-mail and you can borrow my USB stick.


Bob Edwards.

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