[clug] Open source Skype replacement needed

Francis Whittle fj.whittle at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 22:14:31 MDT 2011

You mean, like, going to the person you want to speak with, and opening
a conversation directly? :)  The internet, supposedly decentralised be
nature, still relies on nodes between nodes.  Each of these is a weak

Of course, I suppose that there's all these security algorithms to avoid
line tap style hacking from points on the network, but there is truly no
way to be completely sure it's not broken in some way.

> http://techcrunch.com/2006/07/14/skype-protocol-hacked/
> Being something most governments want, it will happen sooner or later
> with any system with centralised servers.  Only true direct p2p
> connections can avoid this.
> On Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 12:00 PM, Michael James <clug3 at james.st> wrote:
> > A new Microsoft patent points towards Skype becoming equipped for lawful interception.
> >
> > The patent was filed back in 2009, but published last week and picked up by Computerworld. Titled "Legal Intercept", it covers one way in which a VoIP-based communications system might enable a call to be intercepted and covertly recorded, naming Skype as one of the services to which it could be applied.
> >
> > OS transparency is your only protection from this.
> >
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