[clug] [OT] Kate like editor for OSX

Randall Crook rcrook at vtown.com.au
Thu Jun 23 07:51:39 MDT 2011

Today I reacquainted myself with KDE after a year+ of gnome as KDE 4 stabilised. The thing that drove my switch back KDE (apart from Gnome Boredom Syndrome) was kate.. 

Ever since I stumbled across it a few years back I have loved it. But with my shift to gnome and my indoctrinated addiction to vi/vim I have been missing it. I use Fedora at work and kate is now (finally) back as my primary editor for scripting and development there.

But at home I use my Mac mostly. So I had a look at mac KDE but its an awful lot of stuff just to get kate running. As a result i am looking for an editor for OSX that gives me kate like features.

Can any on the list perhaps point me at some suitable work a like editors? 

Thanks in advance.

Randall Crook.

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