[clug] My Kubuntu loading problem

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Wed Jun 22 05:39:02 MDT 2011

Keith Sayers <keiths at apex.net.au> wrote:
> 	A complete reload solved it - my deduction is that I had not fully cleared the hard 
> drive before reusing it.  This time I used Partition Manager to take it right back to one 
> continuous unallocated block and I now have sda1 with an ext4 file system and the boot flag, 
> sda2 as an extended partition and within that sda5 as linuxswap.  Out of curiosity, why 
> sda5 and not sda3?  But it boots and that is sufficient for me.

PC boot partitions are relics from an age gone by.

A disk can have up to four primary partitions. sdx1 to sdx4 are reserved
for these. The partition records are held directly in the partition
table which has a fixed, small size.

A primary partition can be an extended partition, which can hold many (I
think almost unlimited) logical partitions. My vague memory is that they
are set up something like a linked list, somewhere on the disk not in
the partition table. Those are sdx5 onwards.
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