[clug] My Kubuntu loading problem

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 05:30:31 MDT 2011

On Tue, 21 Jun 2011 08:13:11 +1000 Keith Sayers wrote:
> A complete reload solved it - my deduction is that I had not fully 
> cleared the hard drive before reusing it.  This time I used
> Partition Manager to take it right back to one continuous unallocated
> block and I now have sda1 with an ext4 file system and the boot flag,
> sda2 as an extended partition and within that sda5 as linuxswap.  Out
> of curiosity, why sda5 and not sda3?  But it boots and that is 
> sufficient for me. 
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Keith Sayers

My first question would be - why the extended partition? Do you have a
Microsoft OS installed?
/sda1 bootable primary ext4 /root file system (/home and /var as well?)
/sda2 extended
/sda3 logical ntfs/hpfs or FAT32 /system
/sda4 unformatted (required by sda3?)
/sda5 logical swap

If it's just Kubuntu - why not:-
/sda1 bootable primary ext4 noatime /root (4-5GB)
/sda2 primary swap (depends on amount of system RAM, maybe 1GB)
/sda3 primary ext4 noatime /home (remaining drive space)

>From memory the DOS partition table on ide drives is limited to 4
primary and one extended partition which can contain more logical
partitions - to a total of 60 something.
I'm not familiar with K/Ubuntu - perhaps it's the default?
When you say "Partition Manager" is that part of the installer?


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