[clug] Seeking USB and FPGA books plus dev board

Bob Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Sat Jun 18 05:06:37 MDT 2011

On 17/06/11 14:36, jm wrote:
> I'm thinking about doing some hardware projects, so I need to read up on
> a couple of areas. I'm looking for
> 1) a book on USB that's useful to someone how doesn't want to go near
> windoze.
> 2) a book on Verilog (Might have to go near windoze for this one. At
> least in the beginning), and
> 3) an good, reasonably priced FPGA dev board to go along with the book.
> As the clug mailing list has a few people on it who play with this stuff
> I thought they might be able to save me joining yet another mailing
> list. Any other thoughts on the matter also welcome.
> I now return you to your scheduled security discussion.
> Jeff.

Hi Jeff,

Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I have a Xilinx Spartan III started kit
that includes a USB interface etc. I have not yet completed getting a
tool chain working in Linux - but apparently it is possible. Sold by

A colleague uses a similar Xilinx Dev. board from Digilent Inc.:

Technologic Systems have a range of small embedded boards that run
Linux and some have a "Customizable 5K LUT OpenCore FPGA". From my
earlier research into this FPGA, it can be programmed totally with
a Linux stack. http://www.embeddedarm.com/products/arm-sbc.php
(boards have USB as well).

To learn about USB, I would recommend, as a starting point, the
excellent VUSB Project: http://www.obdev.at/products/vusb/projects.html

The MakeHackVoid guys (Alastair in particular) use this library on their
budget Arduino clone (designed and built here in Canberra):

Haven't played with Verilog for many years, but will need to get back
into it one day soon.


Bob Edwards.

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