[clug] Seeking USB and FPGA books plus dev board

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Thu Jun 16 22:36:57 MDT 2011

I'm thinking about doing some hardware projects, so I need to read up on 
a couple of areas. I'm looking for

  1) a book on USB that's useful to someone how doesn't want to go near 
  2) a book on Verilog (Might have to go near windoze for this one. At 
least in the beginning), and
  3) an good, reasonably priced FPGA dev board to go along with the book.

  As the clug mailing list has a few people on it who play with this 
stuff I thought they might be able to save me joining yet another 
mailing list. Any other thoughts on the matter also welcome.

I now return you to your scheduled security discussion.


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