[clug] Secure your Internet facing stuff (was Re: googlebot doing funny things in logs)

MrB jadeba at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 01:38:45 MDT 2011

Oh, I can't believe I just read that... in 2011. Getting off topic I know
but that one can't go quietly. We are so far beyond the Internet being a
game we couldn't even find our way back. Bad people doing bad things can use
the Internet to destroy companies, put people out of jobs, damage economies,
cause environmental harm and, as Stuxnet showed, cause harm to powerful
physical objects with the definite potential to kill people (Stuxnet used
unpatched zombies to propagate and find its target). Alex is absolutely on
the money when he says we are all responsible for what we attach to the
Internet and, if we're not careful with it, we're responsible for how bad
people might use the tools we carelessly leave lying around as weapons.

Not a truck, a gun, nor a toaster can kill people, but someone misusing them
can and the internet is no different. Don't leave your guns lying around for
others to shoot people with.

As a side note Anonymous and LulzSec and doing great things towards
highlighting the importance of all this, and the dangerous place the
Internet has become. Those of us in the security biz are very grateful for
them shooting themselves in foot for short term glory and splashing it all
over the news ;-)


On 16 June 2011 16:37, Robert Edwards <bob at cs.anu.edu.au> wrote:

> On 16/06/11 13:50, Alex Satrapa wrote:
> ...
>  Don't walk in the middle of the highway. Don't point guns at people, it's
>> always the unloaded gun that accidentally kills your friend. Don't use an
>> electric toaster while in the bath.
> Are you suggesting that running insecure webservers on the public
> internet is as dangerous as pointing guns at people? Sometimes I
> think that people take this Internet thing a little too seriously.
> A truck, a gun, a toaster in the bath can kill people.
> The Internet, on the other hand, is a game. Nothing more.
> Bob Edwards.
>  Simple safety precautions, which some people continue to ignore because,
>> "it'll never happen to me!"
>> Alex
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