[clug] The harsh realities of CLUG (Interim Summary)

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Sat Jun 4 07:58:18 MDT 2011

Chris Smart wrote:
> That's good, but you've offered to _take it away_ from Paul. Not help
> him do it, but remove it from him completely. Maybe that's not really
> helpful for Paul?

So when Paul publically says he thinks he may be over-committed, or has 
too much on his plate and may have to give up something, the wrong thing 
to do is to offer to take something I know (from personal experience) to 
be a substantial time sink off his hands (which is when two of those 
offers were made) ?

> You've actually kinda helped to illustrate my point.

Steve Walsh, RHCE
Some random guy who does things with linux and conference networks

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