[clug] [OT] uBeam - wireless charging stations (ultrasonics, 50kHz)

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Fri Jun 3 21:28:09 MDT 2011

Ben Nizette wrote on 3/06/11 8:43 PM:

> This one is ultrasound, though I don't know why anyone would use it
> (and too lazy to read the web site!).

recent undergraduates,
"Exciting Undergrad Invention Competition",
plus 'see our prototype built from off-the-shelf bits'.
and dare I say, Americans...

Just in case you noticed, I think Gender plays no part.
These were smart people attempting to solve a "felt need" (& immediate
problem) albeit outside their

I heard a great quote from an Engineer a long time back:
"Engineers get to do for a Dollar what any fool can do for $100".

These days I'd add other constraints:
 - Safely ["do no harm"]
 - Reliably ["keep working" & "don't fail catastrophically"]
 - Efficiently & Effectively  ["do it well", "do it right"]
 - maybe 'appropriately' - hi-tech good in space, bad in 3rd world.

> The Xi Collaboration is a step in this direction that actually has a
> bit of momentum, hope to see good quality inductive charging in the
> next year or two!

My Google-Fu is weak :-( I found nothing about this name.
Got a link?

I found this 2009 piece on a demonstration, "WiPower" & current links:

Current links:
<http://www.wipower.com/> [no response. Hosted by qualcomm]

NOT the same company:

> --Ben.

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