[clug] [OT] uBeam - wireless charging stations (ultrasonics, 50kHz)

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Jun 2 18:45:26 MDT 2011

>From the 'allthingsd' D9 conference.
Solves a universal problem ("Oh No, I've forgotten my charger").
Did they win a UPenn innovation contest?

"UBeam, a company co-founded by recent University of Pennsylvania
graduates Meredith Perry and Nora Dweck, thinks it may have a solution:
Wireless charging stations."

"Perry and Dweck will demo the uBeam charge system, which consists of a
charge station and a battery adapter. The plug-in charge station is
designed to transmit ultrasound waves, which are converted to
electricity by the adapter."

System: Roof-mounted transmitter charges batteries in charging
station(s). Insert "USB adaptor" into battery/station to charge device.


Text of demo.



=> I don't know about the system efficiency and power density of this
device.  They talk about 3.5 hours to charge the remote battery.

Any comments?

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