[clug] Avoiding NVIDIA Optimus ?

Brett Worth brett at worth.id.au
Wed Jul 20 04:31:13 MDT 2011

On 20/07/11 19:33, Warren Gardner wrote:
> Thanks so much for that guys.
> I have had a look through your links. I didn't understand that much of it,
> but you sound positive.

I'd say my positivity needs to be read as poorly suppressed fanaticism. i.e. seeing it as 
a challenge.

At this stage I'd say Linux support for my Dell XPS 15z is enough to get by with.  That is 
to say that the first night I got it home I removed the virus it had on it and am willing 
to put up with what ever it takes.

Almost 5 years ago I bought a Dell XPS M1210 and the Linux support for that was at the 
same poor level initially.  Within a short period that was all sorted out and that 
computer is what I've just upgraded from.  Linux was perfect on it for the vast majority 
of the time.

I'm expecting that this Dell will be the same.  Not easy at first but worth it in the end.


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