[clug] Dual Monitors with Thinkpad T410

Lana Brindley lanabrindley at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 19:44:07 MDT 2011

Hi everyone,

Currently, I'm running a Thinkpad T410 (Fedora 15, Gnome 3) on a
docking station, with a Samsung 2243BWX monitor connected via the VGA
out on the dock, which I sit side by side with the laptop to form a
dual screen.

The dock has two DVI outputs in addition to the VGA out. If I were to
purchase a second Samsung 2243BWX, is there anything stopping me
hanging it off one of those DVI ports (with an adaptor)? I've done
some googling, and it would seem that this is at least theoretically
possible (and potentially could handle three monitors with this setup.
With Windows, anyway).

Does anyone have something firmer they can offer on this before I go
out and buy another monitor?


Lana Brindley
Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one
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