[clug] Fwd: [lca-announce] linux.conf.au now accepting Papers and Presentation submissions for LCA2012

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Sun Jul 17 19:58:44 MDT 2011

On 7/6/11 9:31 PM, Michael Still wrote:
> I just want to make sure that CLUGers noticed this announcement.

And now I want to make sure CLUGers know that they only have 11 days 
left to submit their proposals.


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> Presentation submissions for LCA2012
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> Dear All,
> The organisers of LCA2012 are very pleased to announce that we are now
> accepting paper submissions! Papers from all areas of the Free and Open
> Source world are welcome and first time speaks are highly encouraged to
> submit a proposal. The Call for Papers will remain open until the 29th
> July 2011, after which time all submissions will be reviewed and
> successful speakers notified. Once confirmed, details of talks will be
> added to the conference programme, available on this site in mid to late
> September.
> "Though there are many elements needed to run a great conference, it is
> the speakers that truly make linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au> such
> an amazing event. Being an international conference, but one with a
> uniquely Australian flavour, we are working to bring a terrific mix of
> both local and global speakers from different backgrounds to Ballarat in
> January", says Sae Ra Germaine, LCA2012 Speakers liaison. "The wealth of
> talent within the FOSS community is huge and our goal is to be a
> platform for bringing the newest ideas, latest talent and best speakers
> to the largest audience of this type in the country."
> * Information for potential speakers is available on the LCA2012
> website <http://linux.conf.au/programme/papers>
> * Our speaker liaison can also be contacted for any specific
> queries: speakers at lcaunderthestars.org.au
> <mailto:speakers at lcaunderthestars.org.au>
> * Proposal submissions can be made at
> http://linux.conf.au/programme/submit_a_paper (Need to be logged
> in to view this)
> Mini-Confs
> Our call for mini-conferences remains open in addition to the call for
> papers. Please see the announcement here
> <http://linux.conf.au/media/news/21> or for more detailed information,
> visit the Mini-Confs page <http://linux.conf.au/programme/miniconfs>
> About linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au>
> linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au> (lca) is a conference about Open
> Source Software, including Linux. It brings together the world's
> community of Linux and open source enthusiasts who make considerable
> contributions to open source software.
> 2012 marks a significant milestone for LCA as it will be the first time
> the conference has been held in an Australian regional city. The 2012
> Ballarat organising committee is excited to be hosting the open source
> community and would love for you to join us in January.
> Kindest Regards,
> Sae Ra
> -------------------
> Sae Ra Germaine
> Speaker & Media Liaison
> Ballarat LCA2012
> *Website:* http://www.lcaunderthestars.org.au
> <http://www.lcaunderthestars.org.au/>
> *Twitter:* @ms_mary_mac <http://www.twitter.com/#!/ms_mary_mac>

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