[clug] GRUBbing around

Keith Sayers keiths at apex.net.au
Thu Jul 7 00:39:43 MDT 2011

	I am consolidating hard drives and now have one which contains, in separate 
partitions, Win98, Win2K and WinXP.  Before those three is a small boot partition into 
which it is my aspiration to install GRUB so configured that it will offer me an opening 
menu of those three and allow me to choose one to operate.

	I have got GRUB loaded into the Master Boot Record (I think - but how do I check? - 
can one view MBR contents?) and the 'normal' module loaded into that first partition.  But 
when I boot I get 'error : no such device : 7972e0f3-4ae4-4c77-86bf-8d3580b6c221' and the 
'grub rescue' prompt.  That is correct - that UUID refers to the Kubuntu drive whence I 
took the GRUB - the UUID for this composite drive is 552BF72105173483.  I have checked 
grub.cfg and load.cfg and at all relevant points that latter number appears.  I downloaded 
SuperGrub from the 'net but that has been no help.  Could anyone suggest where else I 
might look for this recalcitrant 7972etc number, please?

	And while I am typing, what commands are, or should be, available for the grub 
rescue> prompt?  Obvious tries like help, info and ? all produced 'unknown command' and I 
could not find anything on the 'net.
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