[clug] Anyone going to LinuxCon in Vancouver, mid August?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Jul 5 21:43:40 MDT 2011

I'm interested in this talk at the upcoming LinuxCon, anyone going and
willing to give the list a precis?

"The Rise, Fall, and Re-Thinking of the Linux User Group", Dafydd Crosby


The Linux user group (LUG) had long been a staple of the Linux advocacy
effort, and was an essential part of the overall Linux community.

 As time has passed, though, the relevance of the LUG has withered, and
the gains made by LUGs forgotten.

 After running an extensive survey over North America, this talk will
explain the results of the collected data, which show that the LUG
attracts and energizes open source contributors, and that there's
several ideas to revitalize the LUG in North America (and around the world).

 This talk will be of interest not just to LUG members and leaders, but
open source community leaders as well.

 It doesn't require technical expertise, just an open mind.

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