[clug] Request for Ideas/Suggestions: Fedora Scientific Spin

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 07:15:49 MDT 2011

> I'd say centos/sl/rhel are on 90% of linux clusters,

Agree, and this drives 'us' in the neuroimaging world mental with all
the porting problems when we attempt to shift from our own local
clusters (FAI + cfengine based) to Uni big iron.  I'll assert right
now that Debian/Ubuntu is by far the most common neuroimaging research

> projects like oneSIS (which we run our clusters with), and also OSCAR
> and ROCKS fill this niche. I'd suggest that oneSIS might be the only
> one you could include in a distro/spin - the others are more general
> and newbie focused than oneSIS and are more like a whole
> install/provisioning/updating/versioning system to themselves.
>  http://onesis.org
>  http://www.rocksclusters.org
>  http://oscar.openclustergroup.org

Thanks, I have looked at a lot of these in the past but they don't
really solve the "desktop as a cluster" style of processing we tend to
evolve to. 99% of what neuroimagers do is embarassingly parallel, we
have 100 patients and 100 CPU's, so what tends to happen is that
joe-average will first install something debian based, learn how to
use it and then decided they need more speed, so they'll buy another
few machines and then try to figure out how to join them all up.

More re-investigation is need I think.


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