[clug] New FedGov policy on open source software

David Howe david at qednet.biz
Thu Jan 27 16:25:47 MST 2011

  An interesting announcement given the recent decision to standardise 
Microsoft's OOXML within the federal government. A cynic might be 
inclined to view this policy as mere window dressing while the real 
business of milking the public purse by Redmond continues.

   On 27/01/11 9:49 PM, steve jenkin wrote:
> Ministers' announcement (blog, you can comment)
> <http://agimo.govspace.gov.au/2011/01/27/government-moves-to-actively-consider-the-greater-use-of-open-source-software/>
> PDF of policy:
> <http://www.finance.gov.au/e-government/strategy-and-governance/docs/2010-004_AGIMO_Circular_Open_Source_Software_Policy.pdf>

David Howe
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