[clug] Is Jan's meeting still on?

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Tue Jan 25 16:15:45 MST 2011

On 25/01/11 20:50, Sharon Doig wrote:
> Hi Cluggers,
> Can some kind person confirm if this month's meeting is on this Thursday? There
> was some debate about it as the normal room is not available. I haven't heard
> about a replacement venue for the meeting.
> Thanks
> Sharon&  Glenn Doig
>   Sharon Doig in Canberra - Australia
> E: po_box_304 at yahoo.com.au
> Blog:  http://www.rosiesstuffnsew.blogspot.com
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> or, if need be, die in the attempt.
> Miriam Leslie
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Hi Sharon and Glenn,

I'd say that if you want a tour of the new Make, Hack, Void (MHV) 
facility in Downer, then you should let Alastair know.

Other than that, at this time, there won't be a regular CLUG meeting
this week as most are away, either at LCA2011 or elsewhere (and the
regular venue is unavailable).

Looking forward to meeting you at the Feb. meeting!


Bob Edwards.

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