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But would the Custodians of the Architecture of Deep Thought listen to
a lowly technically illiterate bureaucrat on a minor planet on the
Outer Eastern Arm of the Galaxy?

jim (clutching is open source towel)

On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 7:45 AM, Daniel Black
<daniel.subs at internode.on.net> wrote:
>> Boo. Sigh.
> For those in government the senior officer John Sheridan in charge of the
> common operating policy was blogging about the lack of input.
> http://agimo.govspace.gov.au/2010/08/05/lessons-learnt/
> It was also clear from a talk in December 2010 that there was an intent for
> multi vendor support.
> http://agimo.govspace.gov.au/files/2010/12/John-Sheridan-Press-Club-7-
> Dec-2010.pdf
> The final product came up short of this.
> As Mike pointed out the ability of government departments to get a message of
> consultation from AGIMO was rather limited. While they are fairly new in the
> blog space I suspect they are assuming a greater level of coverage that was is
> being acheived. It seemed by their response that this policy was consent by
> lack of input.
> So for all that saw the original request and didn't provide input - boo hiss
> to you.
> For everyone, especially those in government, NAA is doing a response so how
> about you do one too. After that how about looking at the other AGIMO works in
> progress to try to get input before a final report/policy.
> boo hiss indeed.
> Daniel
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