[clug] Jan Meeting

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Tue Jan 18 19:00:56 MST 2011

On 18/01/11 19:03, Sharon Doig wrote:
> Dear Robert,
> I hope we find a venue.  I wanted to come along and ask some questions about
> going wireless with my lap top. I haven't got a clue how to do it as I leave
> that up to my partner. I thought I would bring him along and some one could
> explain it to him.  If you are at a pinch for a venue although not so high tech
> perhaps a public library? They have meeting rooms for after hours use for a
> small fee.  I also run a costume society and we meet up for drinks and chats at
> the Canberra Club. I am a member so I just sign everyone else in.  The club is
> happy if we just buy a drink.  Well there is two suggestions for you for
> alternative venue.
> Cheers
> Sharon Doig
> CSU Student
>   Sharon Doig in Canberra - Australia
> E: po_box_304 at yahoo.com.au
> Blog:  http://www.rosiesstuffnsew.blogspot.com
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> or, if need be, die in the attempt.
> Miriam Leslie
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Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your kind offer. Looks like the Make/Hack/Void (MHV) crowd
are happy/keen to host the Jan. CLUG meeting in their new digs in
Downer. I suspect many people will be away, either at LCA in Brisbane
(beautiful one day, perfect the next...[1]) or on holidays between
Australia Day and the weekend (that would be me!).

I am not sure who is speaking, or what on.

Might be best to hold off until the Feb. meeting for getting into the
CLUG culture. In the meantime, if you need help setting up wireless,
I am sure someone on the list can offer to help before then. I am happy
to discuss etc. with your partner if he wants to e-mail me and we can
work out a convenient time.


Bob Edwards.

[1] Kudos to the LCA2011 team for keeping the conference together in
very trying circumstances.

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