[clug] FOR SALE - Computer Equipment

Brett Worth brett at worth.id.au
Fri Jan 14 20:15:08 MST 2011

Here's a few items for sale that cluggers might be interested in:


1. Rack mount server
	I think this has an Athlon motherboard in it and a 30GB IDE drive.  Might be useful for
the case alone.

2. 8 port KVM
	Only six sets of cables

3. Rack Mount Monitor and Keyboard - Dell.
	There are two of these.  The one in the photo and one still in a box.

4. Cross Cut Shredder
	For when "the man" is on the way to your place.  Ok so it's not actually computer equipment.

5. HP DeskJet 6122
	Yeah I know.  Who would want an inkjet printer.

So if anyone's interested please let me know.

PS:  Did I mention it's all free?

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