[clug] Another year of talks beckons...

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Jan 9 13:37:33 MST 2011

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Hi all,

Once again I'd like to ask anyone that would like to give a talk at the CLUG
meetings to drop me an email and discuss details.  I'm trying to get talks
from the full range of Linux and FOSS related topics: from technical talks to
introductions, from tutorials to overviews, from networking through kernel and
system programming to microprocessor and web tools.  Indeed, some of the
best-attended and most enjoyed talks have been basic-level demos with little
prior knowledge needed.

You also don't have to be a seasoned professional presenter or an expert in
the field - there's an old saying I heard which says that no-one knows
nothing, so everyone has something to teach; and no-one knows everything, so
everyone has something to learn.  Honestly, CLUG meetings are pretty friendly
to give talks at.  And if you need assistance in putting together a
presentation I'm more than happy to help (and I'm sure some other presenters
would be too).

I've talked with more than a few people at meetings who have said that they'd
have something to talk about.  I've sent out emails to ask people to give
talks.  I've asked on the list.  The talks are half of the interest in the
CLUG (the other half being the email list).  Without people to give a talk,
the meetings fall apart.  If you've appreciated people giving talks in the
past, I'm asking you personally to consider giving one this year.

The calendar is open! :-)

Have fun,

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